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Your website is the face of your business.

Hi Friends!

See this boat stands out. At least, it did to me. I looked at hundreds of boat images and this one looked different to me. It made me stop; it made me pick it for this post.

So what am I getting at?

Your website. Yes, your website.

Your website has to stand out. Your website has to have that “it” to it.


See regardless of what business you’re in: restaurant, retail, e-commerce, coaching, professional services or any else, it is very probable and almost 100% that you have competition. That someone else offers the same service, product or skills you have.

If your OFFER is the same, how can you DIFFERENTIATE yourself to close the sale?

It can be multiple factors, but in this post we’re discussing your website.

This is how a professional, clean, crisp, SEO friendly, updated, mobile responsive and mobile friendly website can benefit your business and make you STAND out.

Value Perceived. Professionalism. Trust. Quality.

If you show up to a job interview in jeans and T-shirt, you’re already out. If you have a dirty car, people might think you’re careless or dirty. If you have a website looking like it was made in 1998, you’re way behind the game. If you have an outdated website with old information, you’re going to portray the wrong image.

AND, you’re going to piss some people off.

Don’t have that old physical address and send people to the wrong place please! It happened to me.

Not cool.

Now my friend, If you DON’T have a website at all, that’s another story!

This might hit home so stay with me…

These are typical objections we get from business owners or new companies starting up:

“I don’t know how the website can benefit my business…don’t think I really need it”

“The website is not going to make me any money…I don’t want to spend on it”

“My competitors don’t have a website so why should I…”

I understand, friend. You make good points, but here me out.

It is easy to think about the time and money investment and say “well, I don’t make money from the website”.

You might not accept payment on the website, but…

TRUST me friend, everything is available at the tip of our fingers nowadays, people SHOP around before almost buying anything. Unless you sell bread, milk and eggs.

No website, you lose customers, you LOSE money. People will go to your competitor.

If your competitor doesn’t have a website, then beat them to it and take their customers.

First impressions are important. With an outdated, dysfunctional looking website, you will lose customers’ trust. The perceived value to them will diminish.

I like to say that the “website is the business card for your business”.

Your website is the face of your business.

Ask us at Elie Malouf how we can help you make it stand out!

You can find more information about our Web Design Services here:

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