Facebook Ads For Your Business


“I see Ads all the time..are they listening to me?! How do they know?!”


You browse the Internet looking for products and all of a sudden you see the same items following you all over the internet, everywhere you go.


You follow or watch a guru’s video on Facebook and you start seeing their “Sponsored Ads” in your news feed, in your Instagram feed, inside your Instagram story etc…


Previously you’ve completed a purchase from an Online retailer or a retail shop and now you’re seeing Ads from that same retailer pop up in your face.


I know these sound very familiar to you, and even for me as a Marketer, it happens to me ALL the time.


There is so much information out there that we really don’t know what, how and IF they can listen or hear us.


The targeting is so specific and accurate that it makes someone wonders, right?!


But, the main important part here is understanding how targeting actually works.


Let’s me explain…


Within the Facebook Advertising platform there are multiple (useful) targeting audiences for you the business owner.


  • Target anyone who visited your website (tracking has to be installed on your site – refer to previous blog).
  • Target anyone who engaged with your Facebook Business Page (liked, commented, messaged, click on buttons etc…).
  • Reach anyone who viewed your videos.
  • Target any who engaged with your Instagram Account (has to be connected to your Facebook Business Page).
  • Target people who watched a certain percentage of your videos (10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, 100%).
  • Re-target any who visited specific pages of your website.


I am going to let that last bullet point sink in for a little bit.


This is where the fun happens. For me at least 🙂


So what does it mean to be able to target people who visited specific pages of your website?


An example…people who went to your checkout page but DID NOT complete a purchase.


You can put ALL those people in a list and hit em with the discounts, with the specials, with the limited time offers, with the 10% discount etc…




But wait, there’s more! (My infomercial voice, ha!)


No, really, there are more targeting options available within the Facebook platform. All are put together in an effort to help business owners and entrepreneurs reach their IDEAL/TARGET customer.


More good news…


At Elie Malouf, we went ahead and put all the targeting options together for you.


I still get a crack putting these custom audiences and targeting lists together. Seriously.


The training was put it together with YOU the business owner and entrepreneur in mind.


You DON’T have to be an IT major or a technical person to be able to do it.


As long as you can read, watch and follow directions (I am sure you can ), then you got tracking in the bag!


You can find more information about our training here: 


Facebook Training For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


If you find this information helpful and useful for you or for someone you know, then please go ahead and share with them.


We are available to answer any questions, just shoot us a message.



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