Nosara Beach Houses

Nosara Beach Houses is a beach vacation rental properties business in Nosara, Costa Rica.

We started working with our friends at Nosara Beach Houses in May, 2018.

We’ve been working with them on multiple facets of the business.

Company Logo: Elie Malouf designed a brand new logo with coordination with the client to finalize the design and colors. A logo that represents the brand and the rental properties in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Business Card Design: In addition to the company logo, we worked with Nosara Beach Houses to design an elegant business card highlighting the key important contact details while also showcasing the beautiful beach house property.

Web Design & Web Development: Nosara Beach Houses was a brand new business, so we took on the project from scratch that included buying the domain name to designing and developing the website from the ground up. The process included template installation, creating the content and design for the pages, developing all the pages, connecting with Social Media, installing tracking, optimizing for Search Engine Optimization SEO and many other.

Social Media Management: We continue to manage the Social Media presence for Nosara Beach Houses as well as setting up and running Paid Advertising campaigns through Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Customer : Nosara Beach Houses
Skills : Web Design,  Business Consulting, Social Media Management, Paid Advertising, Branding. 
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