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“What the HECK is the Facebook Pixel?!”



There are few words in the Online Marketing world that usually pop up and turn heads. A lot of times, they’re not easily understood, or on a lot of occasions they seem way too complicated and cause confusion and frustrations.


I have witnessed this first hand with tens of business owners and clients we have worked with at Elie Malouf.


The Facebook Pixel! What the heck is it?! …


Marketers’ good friend, and business owners’ pain in the behind.


I have good news though…It is NOT that complicated!


“Tracking”, “Cookies”, “Facebook Pixel”, “Google Analytics”, they all kind of basically do the same thing.


Let me explain…


You have a storefront and you sell clothes. You have 100 people visiting the store every day and you finished the day with 20 sales. What does that mean?


20% conversion rate.


20 out of the 100 visitors bought from you. Is it good? It is bad? That’s NOT the question here, but TRACKING how many people came in the store and how many purchased from you, IS.


Imagine if you didn’t keep track of how many people visited the store, how would you know whether business is good or bad? Whether selling to 20 different people is good or not?


You simply CANNOT.


This happens every time you send out a mailer. Basically, you sit back in the office, cross your fingers and pray that the mail made it to the right address, got in people’s hands, and that they actually opened it and read about your business or special offers….


It DOESN’T have to be the case in Online Marketing!


That is WHY tracking and the Facebook Pixel exists.


So you can track and know what is going on with your marketing.


You will know how many people are visiting your website, how many people are going to your checkout, how many people are completing a purchase, how many people are opting in to your newsletter etc.


Conversion rates are important for every business and without tracking on your website, you are unable to measure it.


It is critical to install tracking on your website to cover all that.


To be real now, installing the tracking and the few technical steps following that, are not as simple as understanding the need for tracking.


BUT, for you you it is critical to understand WHY tracking is important, then all the pieces of the puzzle can be put together.


Sometimes tracking is easily ignored or brushed off (“It’s not important let’s launch the campaign”) but businesses end up spending money without any means to measure performance. They end up spending even more money on Advertising and not really knowing if a campaign is successful or returning a good Return On Investment (ROI).


Once you understand the importance of tracking and its usefulness for your Marketing, you can put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

More good news…


At Elie Malouf, we went ahead and put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you.


We are well experienced and we’ve setup the Facebook Pixel and tracking for tens of business owners and entrepreneurs before.


We broke down all the tracking and pixel structure into step-by-step.


The training was put it together with YOU the business owner and entrepreneur in mind.


You DON’T have to be an IT major or a technical person to be able to do it.


As long as you can read, watch and follow directions (I am sure you can ), then you got tracking in the bag!


You can find more information about our training here: 


Facebook Training For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


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