I have literally had people say this to me…

  • “No one is seeing my posts!”.
  • “I used to get much more engagement on Facebook now it’s gone”.
  • “What is the algorithm doing?”.
  • “I hate the new Facebook updates!”


Hi Friends!


Over the last 12 months, I have personally worked with 10-15 different businesses. Started few businesses from scratch, and overtook the Marketing and Advertising efforts for few.


Besides working directly on these businesses, I am always immersed in business readings and conversations…


Safe to say, I have LOTS of data to work with, statistically speaking.


A very common topic and point of conversation is low or diminished “Organic Reach” on Social Media.


“Organic Reach” is the amount of unique people who see your posts without any Paid Advertisements.


Let’s say for example, you have 100,000 followers on Instagram, you have a new post & you look at your Statistics and you see a “Reach” of 6,971.


What that means is that only 6,971 people have seen your post.


You have thousands of followers and page likes on your Business Facebook Page, but you are getting extremely low engagement (likes, comments, shares, views etc) and much lower engagement in comparison to last year, or the year before.


So, if you are facing the same problem, you’re not alone friend.


Basically, it is all Statistics.


We have “Organic Reach” which is the dependent variable (Y), and we have other factors affecting the Organic Reach – independent variables (Xs).


Again, not to get too much into Statistics and piss some people of (I know), Organic Reach is lower and have diminished for a number of factors listed below:


1: More people on Social Media. More content on Social Media. Same display space.


With more people on Social Media, and much more content being shared, there is less space per person hypothetically speaking.


So, we have much larger number of content competing for the same display space, and that means less content being shown to other people.


With more people on Social Media, that means people are following hundreds and thousands of accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)


Let’s say you follow 2,000 people on Instagram, if all or half of these followers post an image, video, story… you are NOT going to see ALL the posts on your feed.


Keep this factor in mind, we will come back to it later in this post.


2: User Experience & The Algorithm. 


Social Media platforms are all about the user experience especially lately with all the Privacy concerns and lawsuits facing Facebook.


The algorithm prioritizes family, friends, and relevant content FIRST. What that means is that you see posts on your feed from your friends and family BEFORE you see posts from business accounts or people you don’t engage with as much.


For example, I follow Coach Joe on Instagram and watch his content every single day. Any of his content takes priority over people I engage less with.


I follow Neil Patel on Facebook. Every time he posts on Facebook, I get that atop of my feed.


If my brother or sister post on Facebook, I see that first.


My friends whom I haven’t engaged with in months or years, I barely ever see their content. Business pages that I don’t engage with, I barely ever see their posts even though they are actively posting.


So the algorithm knows the people I engage with the most, and they show me that content FIRST.


So YOU as a business, as a personal brand, if you are posting content on personal or business accounts, you take SECOND and THIRD priority when it comes to “organically reaching” your followers.


The algorithm is going to show other content first, and THEN if you are lucky your content will show on people’s feeds.


Combining factor 1 (much more content to scroll through) + factor 2 (see friends/family/relevant content first) with DISTRACTIONS and LOWER ATTENTION SPAN


Users don’t even get a chance to scroll enough to get to seeing your posts. You can then see why you are “reaching” less and less people.


3: Economics. Demand & Supply. 


Social Media platforms DO NOT make their money from user registrations.


Facebook, Google…make their money by selling that display space which everyone is competing for; they make their money from “Paid Advertising”.


So, basic Economics;  Demand & Supply.


With much more content being shared, and more businesses and brands, there is a HIGH demand to show your content in-front of the end user, and the Social Media platforms control that space (supply).


So Social Media platforms are better off with you having lower Organic Reach and having the need and must to invest in Paid Advertising.


You frequently see notifications and alerts on Facebook, Instagram, Google, everywhere…Social Media platforms incentivizing you to INVEST in Paid Ads – if you want to REACH more people.


They make money.


Hope that it all makes sense now?


Here’s the three biggest takeaways:

1: It is not necessarily something that you did wrong. It doesn’t mean that your content sucks.  Take the emotional piece out of it and understand that it is all statistics and a numbers game.

2: How relevant your content to your followers is much more important than the number of followers you have.

Having less but engaged audience, is better for you and for the algorithm than having much higher number of followers, but lower engagement.

Produce relevant content.

3: You have to invest in Paid Advertising in 2019. If you want to grow your brand, if you want to “reach’ more people, you have to pay to play.


If you find this helpful for you or for a friend,  please feel free to share.

Any feedback is always welcomed and greatly appreciated!



Elie Malouf


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