The Best Decision of my life!


In a previous post, or if you’ve ever asked me, I always refer to me enrolling in the MBA as the “best decision of my life!”.


Is it the best decision because I got a Master’s Degree? No.


The best decision because I got a good pay increase? No.


Is it the best decision because I got a 3.923 GPA and some bragging rights? Nope.


Let me make this quick, it is not the best decision for a tangible thing I gained.


Not a skill I learned, not a tool I perfected, not a model I excelled in, not a Business or Marketing Plan I wrote.


Let me explain…




I had an Accounting degree, I had a good paying job, but I didn’t have that mindset!


I gave up a lot to get into the MBA and go through the entire program.


Thousands of hours spent, stress, no social life, turned down better work opportunities, lots of money lost…


But, it was all worth it.


So I spent two and a half years of my life and thousands of dollars spent…


And I am talking about mindset?! Yes, mindset it is.


Regression Analysis is cool. Actually, I love it. Business Plans and pro-forma financials are also cool.


But, all this technical and model verbiage, these are things that you or anyone or myself can look up online and learn on his/her own.


Mindset is different.


When I walk into the room, when I start a conversation, when I am alone, all I think about is business.


This is what I learned that I love and cherish so much.


I love looking at the business in whole; operations, administration, finance, marketing, personnel, HR, everything about the business.


I love talking to people about business. Their story, why, how, whom, all of that.


The MBA have opened up doors to me that I couldn’t have reached before.


The MBA has changed the way I think.


It has opened up my eyes and cleared my vision to what I am passionate about and what I enjoy doing.


What I’ve been doing for the two plus years,  the business I am building now. and the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve built during this time, none of it would have been possible without my MBA.


So, yes, sometimes I do say things like you can “learn this anywhere”, “you don’t need to go to school for this and that”, and that’s true. I truly believe so.


If you want to learn any specific skill and get in the nitty gritty, no MBA program is going to teach you that.


If you want to get educated on a particular topic or business model, Google it.


With that being said, would have I done anything different? No.


I would have studied more and got an “A” in my Management Consulting class to finish with a 4.0 GPA. That one I will always regret 🙂


To my friends, to anyone reading this and might be considering or thinking about getting an MBA, talk to me.



Elie Malouf.






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