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Maximize your Return on Advertising spend…

Hi Friends!
Is your Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising cost going up? Are your leads costing more than ever? Are you getting less leads?
This is a common problem now facing large and small businesses. Regardless of which Advertising platform you are utilizing (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube), prices are going up across the board.
The market is getting even more saturated, competition is fierce, and it is the Holidays, so all that adds up to bring the price up.
Demand is high, prices go up. Basic Economics.
Besides all that, players with bigger budgets have an advantage as they can dump more money into Ads, and more money, means more data to work with. So over time, assuming they/their Advertising personnel are closely crunching the numbers, they can optimize their campaigns for better results.
So that puts the small business with lower budget at an even bigger disadvantage!
So what are some things you can do to optimize your campaigns and get a better Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)?
When you’re planning out a campaign, probably the first thing that comes to mind besides budget, is whom you’re going to show the Ad too, right?
That is “TARGETING“.
Targeting can be demographics, behaviors, placements, websites, custom audiences, and many many other.
However, a common problem I have seen over the years is the lack of “Exclusions”. You focus on whom you want to target with the Ads, but you focus less, or in many occasions, FORGET to work on whom you DON’T want to show your Ads too.
What do I mean?
You are selling a premium/luxury product that most cannot afford. Do you want to show your Ads to lower income demographics? No. Exclude certain income levels.
You are promoting a Facebook event. Do you want to show your Ads to people who’ve already responded to your event? No. Exclude them.
You are selling a premium quality service at a price higher than your competitors, do you want to show your Ads for people searching for “cheap”, “free”, “discounts”? No. Add those keywords as “Negative Keywords” in Google Ads.
You want to generate opt-ins “Leads” for your business. Do you want to show your Ads to people already on your email list, people already opted-in? No. Add that email list as a custom audience and exclude them. Have proper tracking on the website for “Leads” and exclude that audience.
I know, in hindsight, this might sound like common sense, BUT trust me over the years I have seen this being missed time and time again. As I am reviewing Campaigns for my clients, I am like WTF is going on here?!
With everything else going that is jacking up the prices, small things you can to tilt the scale just a little bit in your favor, and put your money in the right place.
Need help setting up your Paid Advertising campaigns, or having a second-eye?
Maybe I can help.
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