With every business idea or venture comes a Business Plan.


A Business Plan is put together and a key ingredient in the Business Plan is the Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan. The Marketing Strategy has to align with the business goals and vision, then a Marketing Plan is formulated and executed.


At Elie Malouf we will sit down with you the business owner and get to understanding your vision and your business goals. We then conduct a thorough industry research, competitor and customer analysis to come up with the best Marketing Strategy for your business.


We use a number of tools and models to conduct our research including SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, Customer Personas, Competitor Analysis, and other technical tools.


In our research we look to answer a number of questions about the industry, the competitors, the business in question, the customers, and other internal and external factors.


1: Industry:

  • Is the market saturated or fragmented?
  • Buyer Power? Supplier Power?
  • Threat of entry?
  • Industry trends: Growing? Slowing down?
  • Any new regulations affecting industry?


2: Competitors:

  • Who are the top competitors?
  • Research the competitors, their websites, Social Media, their marketing etc..
  • What’s working for them? What’s not working?


3: Customers:

  • Define a customer persona and target customer.
  • Demographics: age, race, sex, religion, education, income, location etc…
  • Interests, hobbies, spending habits, books they read etc….

What Comes After


After research and analysis, we will have a much clearer idea about the business and how to move forward.


We will have our one-on-one Consulting sessions with you the Business Owner on Strategy and Plan. We will break down all the details and necessary steps involved to execute.


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