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I’ve been doing this since I was 12 years old…

This picture made it to my school website, so it’s only fitting that I am using it to write this.

It was Summer 2001. I was at my friend’s house and we were just about to head out and go play soccer across the street. His younger brother pulled up his English book, he was about to practice reading with his mom.

That’s when the kid in me, without any hesitation, without any anticipation of what’s next to come (losing my Summer freedom), opened my mouth and said: “Hey, I am good at English, I can help him.”

And there you have it, day after day, Summer after Summer, if my younger Brother hadn’t finished his homework, we are not allowed to go play…

Play we want, so TUTOR him I did.

Fast forward to later years in High School, I am teaching my other friends Math, Chemistry, Biology, you name it. College days, I am teaching few friends Accounting at Starbucks. College days, I am “teaching” a lot of people Statistics and Calculus. Couple years ago, I am tutoring a good friend of mine through his entire Executive MBA program at Cornell University.

I don’t really know how to describe it, I don’t really know how to say this without it sounding arrogant, but I’ve always had pleasure helping others and seeing others succeed; expecting nothing in return.

So I get curious, I put my nose where it does not belong, and I end up taking tasks and taking on more work than I should. But If I can help, I am like “why not”.

I’ve literally had people having anxiety attacks around me working on Statistics exercises(no joke). See, that bothers me personally. I am not going to let that happen. If I can help, I will. Seeing the satisfaction on their face, seeing how happy they are when they actually get it, makes me happy.

Besides education and tutoring experiences, in my work experiences, I have been put in situations where I have to either figure it out, or throw in the white towel.

I am never throwing in the white towel.

I troubleshooted. I researched. I problem-solved. I asked. I failed time after time, but I kept pushing to find a way.

At 18 you don’t normally run a Carpet Cleaning business visiting 4-5 different houses/businesses every day. At 23, you aren’t usually an Assistant Financial Controller for 200+ employee company. At 25, you aren’t typically a Senior Accountant for 1,000+ employees. In your mid 20s, you’re not usually managing people double your age and running multi-million dollar departments.

But, I did.

This is not to toot my own horn, I am getting to a point.

What’s my point?

Being resourceful.

Someone I follow and admire, Patrick Bet David, says it’s not about the resources you have, it’s about how resourceful you are.

God knows I don’t have the resources, so resourceful was my way out and still is to this day. People approach me, they want to do different businesses or ideas… do I know everything on top of my head? Of course, not! I put in the work, research and make it happen.

I got a passion to continuously learn and get better as a person. A passion to problem solve. A passion for Business and Marketing, and most importantly, a passion to help others and see other succeed.

I don’t preach because to each his own, and I never want to force my opinion on someone else, but I can write.

So writing I will be doing

My Birthday is coming up on the 28th of November. I will be writing about Business, Marketing and few of the things I’ve learned over the years, every day till then.

I tell my clients that they have to be “consistent” with their content, so here I am putting the target on my back.

28 to the 28th in my 28th year.

If you are an Entrepreneur, a Business Owner, or know someone who owns a business, please take a moment to share this blog with him or her. I will be doing my best to deliver high value, actionable content.

He who wish to be great, must serve. To God goes all the glory.

Let’s do this.

Elie Malouf



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