Facebook Ads For Your Business

Facebook Ads For Your Business!

“Oh, I can do that with Facebook? I didn’t know…”


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If you already have a business, planning on opening up a new business, or have a business idea in mind, this is going to be good for you!


Regardless of the kind of business you have; online, store-front, services, products, digital products… there are options for you so stay with me 🙂


On my Social Media yesterday, I mentioned how many businesses utilize Facebook’s “boost” feature to boost their page and or their posts.


Boosting is made very simple and quick for the business owner. One, Facebook wants you to get your foot in the door and start spending money. Second, it is made simple so any person, over his phone or desktop can “boost” in a matter of minutes.


Boosting is actually not that bad and it can sometimes be helpful.


But, besides “boosting”, there are plenty of other options for your business to explore and utilize within the Facebook Advertising platform.


This information is available online,  so I am not re-inventing the wheel here.


But, I do want to get into some details and explore the different options you have for your business, service, or product.


We’ll go through some examples below…


Restaurant Owners, Bars….


You want people walking in to your place, right?


Let’s say for example you have a lunch special every day from 11:30 a.m to 2 p.m.


Through Facebook Ads, you can geographically target anyone who is within 5 miles radius from your business.


Anyone within that range, during that time (11:30 – 2), will receive a notification inside their Facebook APP that Restaurant XYZ have a lunch special for $9.95.


Let’s say for example you have a cocktail special, weekdays from 5 p.m to 8 p.m.


Same, you can geographically target people within specific miles radius, for a specific time period, and let them know about your “Happy Hour” specials.




Online Coaches, Consultants…


Let’s say for example you have a new online course you want to sell, or a digital product whatever that might be.


You have an email list of 500 people,  you have “tracking” installed on your website and you are active on Social Media.


This is what you can do through Facebook Ads.

  1. Set up a custom list inside Facebook audiences for your 500 people email list.
  2. Create a custom list inside Facebook audiences for your website visitors – anyone who visited your website within the last 30/60/180 days.
  3. Set up a custom list inside Facebook audiences for anyone who engaged with your Facebook Page and or Instagram Page within the last 30/60/180 days.


Run Ads to those three custom lists pitching your new digital product.


The Ads could be in different formats and across different placements:

  1. Format types: Text or video, long or short.
  2. Placement: Desktop, Mobile, Instagram, Instagram Story, Messenger, Sidebar (right-hand side column) and other.


New Businesses…


You’re just starting your business and just built your Facebook Page. You have very few followers which most are family members and friends.


You want to build your Social Media presence and build your brand awareness.


This is what you can do.


Utilize Facebook Ads to run “Engagement” campaigns for your business.


Engagement campaigns:

  1. “Page Likes” – get people to like your page and follow you on Social Media.
  2. “Post Engagement” – get people to engage with your posts (like, comment, share)
  3. “Video Views” – get people to watch your videos and engage (like, comment, share).


Online Retailers…


You sell clothes, makeup, accessories, furniture, electronics, whatever that might be.


You want to get sales through Facebook.


Example, let’s say you sell bikinis and you only ship within the United States.


This is what you can do with Facebook Ads.

  1. Target females only.
  2. Target females living in United States.
  3. Reach females in United States living in specific Areas (Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Diego, Arizona).
  4. Run Collage Ads with various bikini images to the targeted audience above.
  5. Run coupon ads (15% off store-wide) with bikini images to the targeted audience above.


Another example, let’s say you have a website and tracking in installed on your website.


You can re-target anyone who’s visited your website and did not complete a purchase, with images and coupons specifically for those items he or she was looking at.


You know every time you go to Amazon.com and you have Ads following you everywhere you go over the internet?!


Yea…you can do that with Facebook too! Sorry…..:)




Hopefully this was helpful in addressing some of the options available within Facebook Ads for your business.


There are tons and tons of different options available for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.


Regardless of the type of business you are in, there is definitely an option for you within the Facebook Ads platform.


It might get overwhelming sometimes, because every single day there are new changes, new channels, new targeting options and techniques to reach your target audience/customer.


Few have the time to keep up with all of it, but this is what we do at Elie Malouf.


If you have any questions or want to get more details on a particular possibility through Facebook, feel free to send us a message.


Or email me directly: [email protected]


Cheers friend,

Elie Malouf.







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