I have literally had people say this to me… “No one is seeing my posts!”. “I used to get much more engagement on Facebook now it’s gone”. “What is the algorithm doing?”. “I hate the new Facebook updates!”   Hi Friends!   Over the last 12 months, I have personally…

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  • Website Objections Elie Malouf ElieMalouf.com

    3 Common Website Objections From Business Owners & Entrepreneurs…

    Hi Friends! Looking for a new website before the New Year? Let me help you out… Here are some of the common objections I get when it comes to building a new website, or redesigning an existing site: 1: “I can do it myself!” Yes, maybe you can. There are…

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  • Maximize Your Return On Paid advertising Spend Elie Malouf ROAS PPC

    Maximize your Return on Advertising spend…

    Hi Friends!   Is your Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising cost going up? Are your leads costing more than ever? Are you getting less leads?   This is a common problem now facing large and small businesses. Regardless of which Advertising platform you are utilizing (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube),…

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  • Free Tools For Small Business Owners Elie Malouf Business And Marketing Consulting Blog

    9 FREE Tools For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

    9 FREE Tools For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Everyone loves FREE, right? It’s important when you’re starting a new business, or if you are limited on resources, to find the right tools to use, tools that will get the job done, but also at the lowest cost. I’ve started…

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  • Elie Malouf Business And Marketing Blog ElieMalouf.com

    I’ve been doing this since I was 12 years old…

    This picture made it to my school website, so it’s only fitting that I am using it to write this. It was Summer 2001. I was at my friend’s house and we were just about to head out and go play soccer across the street. His younger brother pulled up…

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  • Hidden Talent - ElieMalouf.com


    Growing up in Zahle, Lebanon, my sister and I went to Secondary Evangelical School (S.E.S), a private school, from Kindergarten to 11th grade.   I remember we had Music and Arts classes (color, draw, paint) for one hour each, each week up until fifth grade. I could still remember “do…

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  • Website | ElieMalouf.com | Welcome A Full-Scale Marketing Agency Dedicated To The Small Business Owner And Entrepreneur


    Your website is the face of your business. Hi Friends! See this boat stands out. At least, it did to me. I looked at hundreds of boat images and this one looked different to me. It made me stop; it made me pick it for this post. So what am…

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  • Facebook Ads For Your Business


    “I don’t know what to do and where to start. All this Facebook stuff is so confusing.”   How many times you buy a new computer, a new piece of electronic, or a new car and you get so excited at first with all the extra features and options?  …

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  • Facebook Ads For Your Business


    “I see Ads all the time..are they listening to me?! How do they know?!”   You browse the Internet looking for products and all of a sudden you see the same items following you all over the internet, everywhere you go.   You follow or watch a guru’s video on…

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  • Facebook Ads For Your Business


    “What the HECK is the Facebook Pixel?!”     There are few words in the Online Marketing world that usually pop up and turn heads. A lot of times, they’re not easily understood, or on a lot of occasions they seem way too complicated and cause confusion and frustrations.  …

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