Facebook Ads For Your Business


“I don’t know what to do and where to start. All this Facebook stuff is so confusing.”


How many times you buy a new computer, a new piece of electronic, or a new car and you get so excited at first with all the extra features and options?


But you find yourself later using only the things you really need.


To run a car you want to make sure the lights are working, the gas tank is not empty, the wheels are not flat and pretty much you’re good to go, right?


Yes, yes, I know things might break down, things will need maintenance, but for today, for you to run your car, as long as above or give or a take one thing or two more are functioning, then you can get on the road!


The same goes to the Facebook Advertising platform (and to any other advertising platform for that matter).


Are there probably hundreds of different things to look at (if you want to)?




The point is, in order to run an advertising campaign, there are few KEY important steps and things you need.


Let’s say for example you want to run a Video Ad. These are the basic things you need:

  • A Video – to use for the Ad.
  • Budget – how much you want to spend.
  • Targeting – whom do you want to see your Ads.


The rest (campaign type, where to show the Ads, additional settings for the video etc..) all can be figured out later. Even if they’re not perfect you can still run the Ads.


Even for myself as a Marketer, sometimes all you need to do is start the campaign, then worry later about all the nitty and gritty.


Get your foot in, get some experience, see how it goes. No money on Ads ever go to waste; you get DATA and EXPERIENCE for future runs.


Another thing to keep in mind is the Facebook WANTS you to SPEND money.


Even though on face the platform might look complicated or overwhelming, Facebook will basically simplify as possible, they will guide you through the way to get your campaign going. And, if you ever get stuck, there are thousands of support materials on their platform.


More good news…


At Elie Malouf, we went ahead and put all the campaign structure and  options together for you.


So you can understand each step of the process. All the details involved, all the options you have inside the platform to create the best possible campaign and deliver the most optimum AD.


The training was put it together with YOU the business owner and entrepreneur in mind.


You DON’T have to be an IT major or a technical person to be able to do it.


As long as you can read, watch and follow directions (I am sure you can ), then you got tracking in the bag!


You can find more information about our training here: 


Facebook Training For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


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We are available to answer any questions, just shoot us a message.



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