Hi Friends!

My name is Elie Malouf.


My purpose and mission in life is to live everyday knowing that I am doing what makes me happy and what I was born to do. I was born to be a business person. I have a natural instinct to learn, educate, and work with other businesses.


Our commitment to the Small Business Owner And Entrepreneur


We built this Full-Scale Marketing Agency for you the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur in mind…


We built this for you, you have an amazing business idea, but not quite sure how to take it to market and make it a successful business.


You, the one working 12+ hours a day on your business and have no time to deal with all the Marketing and technical stuff.


We built this for you the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur whom time after time been promised the world from other Marketing Agencies, but yet no results and nothing to show.


We built this for you, to help your business prosper or bring your idea to life.


At Elie Malouf, we proud ourselves on these three values:



At Elie Malouf we believe in being transparent with the business owner at all times. We understand that technical language and different marketing platforms and tools might be a bit overwhelming to the business owner. We believe in educating our customers so they are informed on all the steps involved in getting a project done.


To further explain, with our experiences we’ve often come across occasions where the Business Owner is left with his hands up wondering what the heck is going on? What are they doing? I don’t understand this! This is so frustrating! Etc…


Often, Marketing Agencies, Consultants, Contractors etc… keep their work to themselves. They want to ensure that you are paying them their fees and asking as little questions as possible. They want to make it seem that their work seems impossible for you to comprehend or do on your own. They want to keep you in the dark as long as their invoices are being paid. If God forbid you ask a detailed question or want to do something on your own, watch them react!  


At Elie Malouf  if you come to us in couple months and want to take over the work yourself, we will be more than happy for your transition!


We are here to help the Small business Owner, we are here for the long run; we are not looking for a short run money grab.



Numbers don’t lie, and neither do we. At Elie Malouf we believe in investing in analytics and reporting tools to collect, measure, and report data. We believe in utilizing data and numbers to drive business and marketing decisions. Numbers might be challenging to the business owner, but it’s our strength. We will stand side-by-side to you and set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) fit for each business specifically.


To further explain, have you ever watched the TV show Shark Tank and listened to the Sharks telling the business owner “KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!”.


Know your numbers you should.


At Elie Malouf we believe that every business owner should know the numbers that matter to his or her business the most. We believe in utilizing numbers to drive business and marketing decisions. We believe in analyzing numbers and providing reports to the customer, always!


However, we do understand that numbers might not be your speciality. We understand that you might actually hate numbers. Numbers are complicated. Numbers are aplenty. Numbers are boring…


We love numbers. We know numbers. Me personally, I love Math and Analytics. I am actually being featured on the California State University Long Beach Masters in Marketing and Analytics Website.


I could literally stare and play with numbers all day! Call me nerd, I am!


So, what we want to do is utilize our passion for numbers, background in Accounting and Finance, and heavy experience in Statistics and Analytics and work side-by-side you to come up with numbers that are important for your business.


Educate you on those numbers. Report to you on your numbers. Be transparent with how the website is performing, be transparent with how a paid Advertising campaigns, be transparent with what the return on investment (ROI) is… you get the point.



With Transparency comes Trust. With Reporting comes Accountability.

At Elie Malouf we believe in building trust through ethical business practices and ethical marketing. We believe in doing the right thing, always. We do what’s best for you as the business owner at all times.


To further explain, if we meet with a Business Owner whom we can’t deliver success to, or an Entrepreneur who has an idea that might be out of our reach, we will not take on that challenge and waste your time.


Our goal is to help your business grow and prosper, if we can’t help, we will not take your money. I know this sounds a bit too good to be real, but myself personally I’ve turned down six figure jobs, I’ve quit six figure jobs, I’ve turned down clients approaching me, I’ve turned down big companies, BECAUSE it is not what I want to do. It is not what gets me excited waking up every morning.


We are in this to help you the Small Business Owner and also help fulfill our lifelong dream; we are not in this to waste your or our time.


We have a bigger goal of building relationships and lifelong friendship with you the business owner than taking a one month fee and moving on with our lives.


This is a company built on passion and good work ethic; it’s business, but relationships come first.


With that being said, again, we welcome you to Elie Malouf.


Please go through the website and read about our services. We’ve broken down our services very different than other websites providing information to be as transparent as possible in the work we’ll be doing.


Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns. We also have an outstanding library of resources that can come in handy to you; just ask.