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3 Common Website Objections From Business Owners & Entrepreneurs…

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Looking for a new website before the New Year?

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Here are some of the common objections I get when it comes to building a new website, or redesigning an existing site:

1: “I can do it myself!”

Yes, maybe you can. There are a number of “user-friendly” websites and paid advertisements all over the Internet telling you that you can do it yourself! You can, kind of.

But, here is what they don’t tell you:

You are trading your time to build the website. Say it takes you 20 hours to do it, between learning the platform, figuring out the design, writing the content, picking up the images, and doing some basic optimizations.

Think about ALL that time you spent working on the website, is it the most EFFECTIVE use of your time?

Instead, you can spend all those hours working on your business, creating content, or generating revenue rather than sitting on a computer, doing something you probably don’t necessarily enjoy.

There’s a lot of technical things that go along with building a website. User-friendly platforms are good, and you can have a front-end website that might look good, but if you’re a real business and a brand, you want a professional taking care of all the back-end technical stuff that includes the proper SEO optimization, proper loading speed optimization, and a responsive design fit for all device types & sizes… and many other tech-y stuff.

2: “I don’t want to spend that much”.

Depending on the type of your business and needs, and the size of the website, the cost differs…

You tend to have a short-sighted view and think about the immediate cost, rather than taking into consideration the long-term value for the business and the revenue that you will generate from your website. A professional, mobile responsive, SEO optimized website will generate leads for you on its own; it will eventually pay for itself and folds.

Not factoring any Paid Promotions that you can do directing people to your website and generating leads and sales from it.

If a website is not properly built or optimized for conversions, your Paid Promotions or Google Ads are most likely to fail or cost much higher than market price.

No one wants that.

3: “I don’t need a website for my business”.

Okaaaay. Well, another short sighted approach. There’s a thing in Economics called “opportunity cost”. You might think that you don’t need a website, but you might not realize that you are actually LOSING customers, by NOT having a website.

It’s called research. People look up businesses online. If you offer a similar service/product as your competitor, and they have a website but you don’t… whom do you think is more likely to get the job? NOT YOU.

I understand, some businesses don’t generate leads or sales from a website, BUT still, people want to know what/why/how about the business they work with.

A proper, professional website showcases credibility, professionalism, and improves your odds against your competitors.

Any-who, if you’re thinking about starting a new business, if you have an outdated website that you keep pushing to the side… maybe I can help.

Check below few of the projects we’ve worked on.

Get your new website up before the New Year.

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