Elie Malouf

Hi Friends!

My name is Elie Malouf. I am the Founder & CEO of ElieMalouf.com


Growing up in a small town in Lebanon, everything I’ve got exposed to growing up, was Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ownership. From my parents, to the rest of my family, to all my friends’ parents, each and everyone had his or her own business.


Over the years I’ve developed a natural curiosity, a passion, to understanding why and how things are done.


I’ve been exposed to thousands of business, and with my education, experiences, and reading tens of books and watching videos, I have developed a skill and talent to be able to instantly break down each business and develop a way to build or grow that business.


I’ve built my business around you, the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur in mind. The Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur who have an amazing business idea, but not quite sure how to take it to market and make it a successful business. The Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur who is working 12+ hours a day on your business and have no time to deal with all the Marketing and technical stuff. The Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur whom time after time been promised the world from other Consultants & Marketing Agencies, but yet no results and nothing to show.


My goal is to be someone you the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur can depend on to be honest, to be transparent, to be ethical. To be there to help bring your ideas to life or help your business prosper and grow.


If I did that, my heart is full.

Your friend,

Elie Malouf.

Our Exclusive Services

What makes us stand out from crowd


With years of education and experience in various industries and a wide range of businesses, at Elie Malouf we are experts at taking a step back and looking at the business in whole. We meet with the business owner face-to-face to get a grip on the history of the business as well as better understand the business culture & goals. We then dissect and analyze the business combining our financial, marketing, and business background to formulate a  Marketing Strategy that aligns with the business goals. Then, we map out a Marketing Plan outlining the advertising and marketing efforts required in order to accomplish the business objectives.


At Elie Malouf we understand the importance of a company’s website to the business. In a world run by technology, the website is the business card of the business. We take a great pride in designing and delivering clean, crisp, clear, and top quality websites to our clients. All our designs and websites our customized to meet the particular business needs and special requests from the business owner.


With hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on Paid Advertising and managing hundreds of campaigns, at Elie Malouf  we are experts at setting up and managing Paid Advertising campaigns. We dissect each business and each service or product offering, then, determine the optimal platform to setup Paid Ads. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, sell products online, or build your email list, we can take care of all of that through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other….

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